Sustainability is at the core of Green Serenity's existence. We want to allow people to live in an environmentally friendly way while enjoying their day-to-day life. 

You can find in our offer products made from sustainable materials  which do not compromise the future of our planet. We concentrate on the quality, rather than the quantity and that is why our offer, although not large, allows you to purchase the best products, for you and for the planet. However, to provide you with the highest-quality service, we are constantly looking for suppliers and partners which share similar beliefs, to provide you with wider range of eco-friendly products. 

To do more for the planet, we are also cooperating with One Tree Planted,
an organisation focused on global reforestation. This partnership ensures that one tree is planted by us with every order. Additionally, it allows the consumer to plant another tree themselves during checkout. You can read more about One Tree Planted here.